All Reserving will NOT be done in person as it has changed over to ZOOM Meetings where you can see the puppies that are available.
This will keep the Puppies and Us Safe and limit human contact with the puppies in their first few fragile weeks of life.
Thank you for understanding these few temporary changes we have put in place to keep everyone safe.
Phoenix Lab Puppies

Past Puppy UPDATES

WINTER LITTERS – Early Reserving –  OPEN NOW

Chocolate / Black / Yellow / White/ Fox Red

The winter is approaching fast and So will the Litters of Puppies. Early Reserving gives you the upper hand on the rush and the demand on the litters when they are posted for Regular Reserving. 

How Early Reserving Works : Early Reserving is for a customer who is open to a few different Colors and genders. Certain Litters with yield multiple colors and genders all in one litter. A Deposit ( NON REFUNDABLE ) of $1,000 is due the day of Early Reserving. This deposit locks you into your position. This position number will dictate when you get to pick and how far down the list you are on a color and gender. By putting a deposit down you are making an early payment towards a puppy which lowers your final payment ( Average Full Price $2800-$2995 ) amount due upon pick up of a puppy when they are of age ( 6-8 Weeks old ).

Step 1 – Contact Directly – Text ONLY 602-499-0203 to Schedule a Phone call to answer any questions and start the Reserving Process

Step 2 – The Only Payment Methods accepted are  ( Paypal – With Fee , Cash App, Chase Quick Pay, Zelle ) (Cash – With Arrangements )

Step 3 – Make sure payment is ready and any limits are known before hand, as all Reserving is first come first serve and done over the phone to confirm payment has processed before generating receipt.

Step 4 – A Photo Text of your Drivers License is REQUIRED. This provides info for the Receipt that is generated when you Put a deposit down and also provides a photo of who is reserving and picking up a puppy. ( THIS IS REQUIRED )

Step 5 – Once Payment has processed successfully a Receipt is then generated with document amount deposited , date , Buyers info and Signatures from both parties. Signatures are required from both parties. You will then know what position number you are in for your select colors and gender requested.

Step 6 – You are all SET …. You will be one of the first to pick out a Puppy from The NEXT litter Born and not have to rush when the Litter is open to general Public Sale. Winter Litters GO FAST..

All puppies are AKC Registered Pure Bred Labs.
All Puppies Come With First Set Of Shots ( Distemper / Parvo) , De-Wormed and Micro-Chipped ( We Do NOT remove Dew Claws )


Pick Out / Pick Up

Step 1 – Text  Color and Gender you are interested in.( 602-499-0203 ) I will then Call in order that each request was received to set up an appointment.

Step 2–  Puppies Have their first set of Shots, Dewormer and Microchips. They are all AKC registered are are ready to go home that same day.

Step 3 – PLEASE show up on time to you appointment.

Step 4 – FULL balance is DUE day of pick up. ( CASH ,Chase Quick Pay, Zelle , Cash App, Pay Pal (For a Fee) ) Pick up your puppy on your scheduled date and time and enjoy bringing your new fur baby home.

Reserving Process 

Step 1 – Text  – Litter# /Spot#  you want to RESERVE ( 602-499-0203 ) I will then Call in order each request was received to Take a Deposit ( If the spot is still open ) ( Chase Quick Pay, Zelle , Cash App, Pay Pal (For a Fee) ) Deposit amount is $1500 ( Non Refundable )Please make sure your payment process is set up before contacting us. Zelle and Cash App Have a $500 Limit if you just sign up. Pay pal has no limit. Make sure you are set up and know which payment method your using. This holds that color and gender for you. Then at 5-6 weeks old Zoom Meetings are set up to start the picking process.

Step 2– After Payment, Send The Following info in a Text.  Full Name / Phone Number / Email / Address / Photo of your drivers license. Sign Reserving Receipt once payment has been made. Documents will be sent to your email that you provide ( Digital Signatures )

Step 3 – Enjoy Weekly Photo updates of the Litter as they Grow through a Google Photo Link for your particular Litter.

Step 4– When puppies are 5-6 weeks old you will get a Zoom meeting date to pick out the puppy with the Color and Gender you reserved in the order your in.

Step 5 – Remaining Balance due the day of pick up. ( CASH ,Chase Quick Pay, Zelle , Cash App, Pay Pal (For a Fee) ) Pick up your puppy on your scheduled date and time and enjoy bringing your new fur baby home.









Text To – 602-499-0203



Phone Number

Color and Gender First And Second Choice


All Reserving is Non – Refundable. All deposits are able to be postponed to the Next Litter Only.  No refunds will be given only Postponing purchase.


All puppies are AKC Registered Pure Bred Labs.

All Puppies Come With First Set Of Shots ( Distemper / Parvo) , De-Wormed and Micro-Chipped ( We Do NOT remove Dew Claws )

Contact Us Today to RESERVE

Reserving requires a $1500 Non-Refundable Deposit and Remaining Due when puppies are Released.

General Public Pricing

If any puppies are left over after Early Reserving then All Color and Gender Puppies are $2600- $2900 With AKC Papers

**All Silver Labs Differ in price **

Payments – We Accept Cash, Chase Quick Pay, Zelle , Paypal (Extra Fee ** Links to credit cards )

602-499-0203 Call Or Text ( Text For Faster Response )

Puppies First Few Days


Labrador Retrievers were recognized in England as a Kennel Club breed in 1903 and first registered by the AKC in the United States of America in 1917. Labradors were originally called a St. John’s Dog or lesser Newfoundland dog.

The Labrador Retriever started as a water dog in Newfoundland, a shipmate and duck retriever. Labradors are very versatile dogs and began their popularity in the 1800’s. They are well know for their outgoing and gentle personality. The breed is always eager to please and non aggressive toward humans and other animals. In 1991 the breed topped the charts as the most popular breed and has been in the #1 spot ever since.

Labradors can be food hogs and will eat everything in sight if given the chance. Proper exercise is required to to release their energy and maintain a healthy weight, playing fetch will also satisfy their need to retrieve. Labradors are known to be lap dogs, wanting to be where ever you are. They love to cuddle and be close to their owners and require much needed attention. Labradors are great with small children especially growing up with them and will be great protectors of your family.

Weather your looking for a Chocolate, yellow or black lab they all have one thing in common, they are lovable additions to any family who are willing to put in the proper time needed for this breed. Weather your looking to raise a hunting dog, a show dog or even a companion make sure you do your research on the breed and can dedicate your time to the new addition to your family.


Welcome to Phoenix Labs, where quality is our number one goal. Our AKC Labrador parents were hand picked for quality and specific traits to produce quality puppies. All puppies are vet checked from day one all the way until you receive your new family member. We have weekly weigh ins to closely monitor the puppies growth in every stage. Come see the quality for yourself, make an appointment today !



From the minute these little Labradors are born to the day they depart our family to their New home, they are showered with love and affection. Each puppy gets quality one on one time with their mother and special bottle feeding time to connect with humans. Growing up in a loving and safe home ensures these little ones will have the best start to life


Sharon B –   5 STAR

These pups are spectacular! These dogs are phenomenal as Working Service Dogs. They are incredibly connected to their environment and have a developed sense of surroundings. Her ability to be flexible and focus is evident in her ability to learn types of lessons, from formal lessons to observations. She has quick reflexes and her ability to concentrate is unmatched. PLP has been professional, courteous and friendly. Their environment is absolute pristine and well managed. The vet was impressed with her spectacular appearance and behavior. The vet records were kept extremely well and additional information about her parents was helpful. The transaction from one care taker to another was seamless. We would highly recommend this types of dogs as working dogs and the breeder care is absolutely unmatched!

Bill H. –   5 STAR

Explained or lifestyle and they said they may have just the puppy for us . So we made the drive and the puppy they thought would be a good match instantly won my wife’s heart. All paperwork and records were all kept up and everything went smooth . We love are puppy but beware they are puppies and Labs at that they need and deserve attention. Thank you for a grate pup we love our Haylee !

Kaleb R. –   5 STAR

We had an awesome experience getting our puppy here. Our Labrador is so smart, beautiful, calm, and great with our three young children. We are very happy with our experience and were treated professionally. If you have your eye on a Labrador, this is the place!!


Milo the chocolate Lab who is 3 and is 95-105 Lbs and comes from a mixture of show and hunting dogs. He has a great loyal, loving and protective personality and can be seen playing with the pups when they get older as mom needs a break.
Abbie the black lab is 4 and is about 65/70 Lbs and comes from a long line of hunting dogs. Her hunting instinct is incredible, and she has passed on her traits to her past litters creating some incredibly smart hunting dogs.


Growing up with labs in our families sparked our interest in the breed and their loving any loyal personalities. After loosing these members of our family many years ago we decided that we wanted to bring the breed back into our lives. After carefully picking out our two labs from two very strong and healthy bloodlines , we then decided to breed them once they became of age and we felt they were ready to breed. They are well socialized with humans, other dogs and many farm animals on a small farm in san tan valley. Each parent is monitored by a vet for health and defects prior to breeding. Abbie the mother is also monitored along her pregnancy to make sure she is in top health condition for her and her pups. All puppies are hand raised and socialized from day one, exposing them to noises , new surroundings , and human interaction along with our nanny dogs who watch over the litter. We take pride in our litters and love placing our puppies in homes we feel fit for this breed. We love staying in touch with our past customers , receiving report cards and photos along the way. Some of our past puppies have grown into therapy dogs, ranch hands, hunting dogs, show dogs and many more.

Let us help you pick out a new member for your family….

Contact Us Today – 602-499-0203

***Text For Faster Response***

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